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Hi, I'm Abhishek Ejam,

a full-stack software developer.

I build stuffs on the web and help business to run their software applications efficiently.

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Things I can help you with

Code optimization

Implement design patterns and best software engineering practices. Follow framework agnostic approch of problem-solving.

Web design and development

Write user stories and build wireframes. Translate it into a web application in an agile fashion. Design clean, scalable and high-performance web architecture.

Cloud services

Configure cloud services for production and testing environments. Leverages automatic code deployment. Proactively monitor the production environment.

About me

I'm a software developer working on building high-performance and scalable web applications at Brightgreen and beyond.

My areas of focus include backend-engineering, frontend development, configuring cloud services and performing SysAdmins tasks from time to time.

I write blogs about software development on my Articles page. You can check out my Now page to see what I'm upto now.

When I'm not building stuff, I like working out, jamming (with my imaginary band) and exploring new places.