Does GitHub Copilot helps developers to write clean code?

May 11, 2024

ai-programming-assistant, clean code, coding

A recent report from GitClear suggests otherwise. The report highlights that code churning has significantly increased by the usage of AI tools such as GitHub Copilot. It is common for an executive of an organization or developers to be wary... ..Read more

Book summary : Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

Mar 17, 2024

book-summary, clean code, coding

I recently finished reading Clean Code by Robert C Martin (uncle Bob), a renowned author. The book has hugely changed the way that I used to write code. After reading this book, I can say that my code is more... ..Read more

How to access internet from EC2 instance in private subnet?

Sep 23, 2022

AWS, Natgateway, Private subnet

So you've launched EC2 instance in private subnet to disable public access for security reasons. However, you realized later that you actually need internet access on your EC2 instance to install packages and run software updates. If you have encountered... ..Read more

How to setup load balancer with Elastic file system (EFS) in AWS? Part 4

Jun 19, 2022

Cloud computing, Cloud services, AWS, Load balancing, EFS

One of the main reasons to use EFS is that it is elastic, meaning that you don’t have to provision the infrastructure for storage everytime you want to add more data. The file system grows and shrinks based on the... ..Read more

How to setup load balancer with Elastic file system (EFS) in AWS? Part 3

May 14, 2022

Cloud computing, Cloud services, AWS, Load balancing

A listener watches for incoming requests from the clients and forwards it to the target groups. For example, you can configure a listener to check for incoming requests from HTTPS protocol on port 443 and forward it to the multiple... ..Read more

How to setup load balancer with Elastic file system (EFS) in AWS? Part 2

Apr 18, 2022

Cloud computing, Cloud services, AWS, VPC, Subnets

Hello folks, in this second part of the article of configuring load balancer with EFS, we’re going to configure a virtual private cloud and create subnetworks for the load balancer and servers behind it. A virtual private cloud helps to... ..Read more

How to setup load balancer with Elastic file system (EFS) in AWS? Part 1

Feb 27, 2022

Cloud computing, Cloud services, AWS

A couple of  weeks back, I had an opportunity to setup application load balancer in AWS and use elastic file system as network attached storage between the servers behind the load balancer. I had to juggle through multiple resources such as AWS... ..Read more

How to approach problem solving in software development

Jan 16, 2022

Problem solving, Coding, Refactring, Visualization

As a software developer, most of the time in my day revolves around solving problems, finding feasible and sometimes quicker solutions. In my earlier days of programming, I usually used to jump onto coding part at the beginning of the problem... ..Read more

Writing clean code in Javascript using Object Literal

Jul 3, 2021

Javascript, Clean code, Design pattern

Code in Javascript (or any languages) can get really messy when you do not have standard conventions for namespace, naming variables and so on. If you structure your JavaScript code the old school way, i.e, splitting the script into multiple... ..Read more

Automatically import database from remote AWS RDS instance to local MySQL server

Jun 4, 2021

Shell programming, Bash, Linux

If you're a developer, then you might have come across times when you need to import the database from a remote server to your local machine or vice versa. Well, it is quite time consuming, isn't it? You need... ..Read more